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Basketball league house rules

Welcome to the City of Ottawa, Girls n’ Women & Sport Basketball Program. This league follows the official rules as outlined in the FIBA rulebook with the following highlights and/or exceptions:

This league is designed to be recreational. The focus is on fun and participation. Everyone gets to play!  Please show respect for the other players and consider the player before the play.

Basketball rules are continually changing. Please refer to www.ovbabo.ca for the latest rule changes.

Do not leave valuables in your vehicles or in the gymnasium change rooms. The City of Ottawa, Girls n’ Women & Sport Program or the individual Schools and/or Community Centres are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged goods.”


  1. We will continue with the 10-minute grace period. Once the 10-minute grace period is up the score keeper will put another additional 10-minutes on the score board. This ten-minutes will be the actual game time and count towards the time in the first quarter. Once there is 5 people from each team on the court the timer will stop, and the rest of the quarters will be timed accordingly so the game still finishes on time.
  2. Play may not begin without five (5) players on the floor.
  3. Players are asked to be at the gym and ready to play at least fifteen minutes before the advertised start time. Players should warm-up thoroughly before the game to help avoid injuries.
  4. All players must be listed on the game sheet prior to the start of the game. A player’s name may not be added once the game has started.

    Referees / Time Keepers

  5. Should a referee or timekeeper not show up to a game, it is expected that the game continue as scheduled and the score will count. We ask that both teams play in a friendly and respectful manner

    Players / Team equipment requirements:

  6. Shirts worn by a team must be all of one colour. Numbers are required and must be listed on the game sheet beside the player’s name. If two teams are to play each other have jerseys that are the same colour, the home team (listed first) must wear a jersey of a different colour.
  7. Home Team is required to provide a game ball. The ball used shall be an official Women’s Ball. Balls may be borrowed from the Girls n’ Women & Sport office with a $50.00 deposit.
  8. All jewelry must be removed.
  9. Player safety - Complaints have been forwarded in previous seasons regarding the safety issue of long fingernails. The referee has the authority to ask the player to not play until the nails are of a suitable length to play the game.
  10. Tie Games: Tied games are permitted during regular season. For Playoffs - Same league rules apply. In the case of a tie, there will be ONE 2-minute stop-time sudden death overtime period, and the first basket in the overtime period wins. If a tie remains, a coin toss will determine the winner of the game.This overtime rule applies to both stop time and running time games.

    The Play

  11. The Recreation League will not be allowed to utilize a full court press defence.Only Zone and soft man to man defence (hands off the opponent) will be allowed.
  12. Intermediate teams will not be allowed to utilize a full court press once they have exceeded a 20-point advantage.


  13. All protests need to be submitted in writing by the Team Contact or Alternate Contact to gws-ffs@ottawa.ca or by fax 613-580-2855. Please ensure that you have familiarized yourself with the various sporting associations latest rule changes as posted on their websites. Protested games will only be given consideration under the following conditions:
  1. The Team Contact records the protested game on the score sheet prior to or during the game.
  2. The Team Contact outlines concerns with the referee/umpire/Women and Sport Staff. The official is required to sign off the game sheet.
  3. Teams protesting the game and walking out of the game without proven just cause may be penalized (-3) points.


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