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Team registration for 2018/2019 - Registration Closed

2018/2019 leagues and programs 


Women’s Leagues: 

Ball Hockey       Barcode  1401125    Register before Sep 7  Heron CC

Rec Basketball  Barcode  1401160    Register before Sep 11  Ottawa Tech, Dempsey

Int. Basketball   Barcode  1401143    Register before Sep 10   Ottawa Tech, Hillcrest

Indoor Soccer   Barcode  1401514    Register before Sep 11    McNabb, Meadowland, Heron CC

Volleyball A/B    Barcode  1401762    Register before Sep 10    Brookfield

Volleyball C       Barcode  1401798     Register before Sep 12    Brookfield, Roberta Bonder, Hintonburg


League information – Team members register individually for the sport of their choice.  A team will be considered fully registered once the team captain submits the roster to our office via email to gws-ffs@ottawa.ca, and all the team members are paid in full.  Individuals also may register for a league and be placed on a team that needs players, or we can make up a team of individuals.

Team Captains - Email us at gws-ffs@ottawa.ca and we will send you all the information you will need for the season, including the roster, rules/regulations,deadlines and team contact meeting Please provide us with an alternate contact to represent your team if you are away.


Never Too Late Women’s Programs:

Basketball     Barcode 1401155  Register before Sep 25        Briargreen

Soccer           Barcode 1401545  Register before Sep 25        Briargreen

Volleyball       Barcode 1401851  Register before Sep 24        Centennial

It’s never too late to try something new.  This program includes skill development and game play.


Girls Programs: **New This Year**

Basketball  Barcodes 1402268 or 1407828   Register before Sep 26   Hillcrest

Soccer        Barcodes 1409066 or 1409067   Register before Sep 26   Hillcrest

Volleyball    Barcodes 1409068 or 1409070   Register before Sep 26   Hillcrest

These programs for girls ages 12-17 will develop the fundamentals andtechniques of each sport through engaging drills and fun games.

Other Women’s Programs:

Ultimate Frisbee            Barcode 1401747   Register before Aug 22    TBD

Badminton game play   Barcode 1401119   Register before Sep 26     Hillcrest

Phone us directly with any questions at 613-580-2854.



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